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Redesigning the eye chart


bringing eye care closer to those who need it.

Improving access

Currently, patients need to visit an eye care professional for a vision assessment. This is expensive, and limits timely access to diagnosis and early treatment. 


OKULO are developing home-monitoring and remote-diagnosis vision kits for smartphones.  

Personalised medical care

We believe that our patients should have access to their own eye health data from the palm of their hand.  

Using artificial intelligence, a change in the patient's unique visual fingerprint will trigger an early alert to the patient and their professional.  

Engagement through gaming

OKULO use gaming to gather visual data.  For the first time, this approach allows accurate vision measurement across all ages, languages and across the globe.  



OKULO was founded on a strong background of academic research and clinical ophthalmology. Dr Stephanie Campbell is a senior NHS optometrist with a PhD in vision science. Dr Luke Anderson is a consultant eye surgeon with a background in app development.  


As eye care professionals, we are deeply frustrated by the volume of patients we meet with sight loss that could have been prevented if only it had been picked up earlier.  


We co-founded OKULO to address seriously unmet needs in our industry: home-monitoring and remote diagnosis.  

Our vision is to reduce blindness by making quality eye care available to everyone with a smartphone.  

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Stephanie & Luke


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